Limited Edition Giclee Art Prints

The Renaissance Dog Collection

Paintings by artist Matt Walton.


Custom Commissions & Prints

Immortalize your best friend.

With a one-of-a-kind custom dog portrait.


Limited Edition Giclee Art Prints

Add warmth to any home office.

With a unique Renaissance Dog personality.

“I wanted to let you know the print of Bob arrived and it is incredible in person. I always feel like art should force some kind of a reaction from the person enjoying it and as soon as I opened it and saw the face it brought a huge smile to my face. I know my friend is going to love it!”

– Bryan R

New Arrivals

Meet Charlie.

Meet Charlie, an American Boxer. This bad boy is a loyal protector and believes he is head of the neighborhood watch group in Bethesda. He is a real people pup but is socially awkward around other pooches. Charlie’s biggest fear is that Grayson forgets and decides to pick up chicks at the dog park. You definitely don’t want Chuck as your “wingman.”

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Meet Frankie.

This spunky little pug lights up any room and Mr. extrovert loves any attention he can get. Frankie has never met a stranger and this party boy’s favorite motto is PARTY-SLEEP-REPEAT! Frankie’s favorite activity is performing center stage in all of Lucy’s Tik Tok videos.

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Meet Pepper.

Say hello to Pepper. This girl can be a little salty when you aren’t on point. Just saying. This Pekingese princess loves riding around Austin in Matt’s 1957 Speedster. With the sun on her fur and the breeze on her mug, this gal is in dog heaven. Although Pepper is a little high maintenance, she will shower you with kisses and cuddle you with appreciation.

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Commission Work:

Immortalize your friend.

Every dog has a personality that only you know. In every painting, we capture the essence of both the breed and the individual dog. The dog’s spirit is captured through posing, expression, and, most notably, the eyes. Immortalize your best friend with a commissioned work, and share the experience, personality, and love with others.
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Archival certified prints & provenance.

Archival Certified

Archival Quality Inks, Canvas & Papers.

The fine art papers, canvas, and inks we use are Archival Certified. With eye-popping color gamut coupled with critical archival certification, we use only the highest quality materials to ensure every print is a unique work of art.

Artist Approved

Individually Proofed for Color & Accuracy.

Every edition that is printed is meticulously color corrected to ensure the range of gamut meets the expectation of the artist. Once approved, only then will the art be numbered and signed.

Artist Signed, Numbered & Documented

Certificate of Authenticity Included.

Every Limited Edition print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each Certificate includes the number of the series, registration number, and the artist signature, ensuring well-documented provenance.